Getting BIG, Staying BIG.

  • Is your business achieving full potential?
  • Do you have access to the resources – capital, talent, advice and customers – to achieve your goals?
  • Do you spend too much time working in, not on, your business?
  • Do you spend enough time sharing ideas and solving problems with your peers?
  • Would you like to learn the management and leadership secrets of some of the UK’s most successful companies?

Welcome to the BLN Growth Forum. One content packed day to think, talk & learn about growing and scaling your business.

You will meet and hear from the leaders of some extraordinary businesses  including – Tim Weller, CEO, Incisive Media – Warren East, CEO, ARM – Ariel Eckstein, MD EMEA, LinkedIn – Jonathan Milner, CEO, Abcam – Neil Gaydon, Pace plc – Martin Leuw, IRIS Software. You will hear stories of success – and failure – and walk away with relevant, actionable opportunities to help strengthen your business.

Themes for the day:

BLN Growth Forum 2010

  • Making it big – targeting big markets and maintaining your lead
  • Building successful sales teams – making profitable sales revenue a core business goal
  • Putting people first – creating a culture to attract and retain the people you need
  • Growth strategies – maximising value from startup to IPO and beyond

The programme for the day is simple, but productive:

  • Stories, discussions and debate from speakers who are experts by dint of their real world entrepreneurial experience.
  • Great people, great networking.

We really care about hearing interesting stuff from people that matter and can teach people by example. We don’t care about hearing from ‘big names’, that don’t say anything new – or controversial. We really, really care about making sure that the right people are in the room – to listen, to engage, to discuss and find ways of doing business together.

SOLD OUT - Waiting List Open

SOLD OUT - Waiting List Open

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